PPT laser

How to use ppt laser In this article, you will learn now to use ppt laser pointer (or laser pen) which comes in three different colors: red, green and blue. This laser pen feature is a built-in PPT feature that you can use to highlight things during your presentations. The reason a PPT laser is […]

Laser Pointers Law and News

2020 saw various riots and protests across the United States, including Black Lives Matter Marches, protests for Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, and riots at the Capitol building in D.C. With law enforcement at these events, some protestors found a new, dangerous way to combat police presence: laser pointers.

Riot Control Anti Riot Laser

Anti Laser Glasses | How the Military and Police Use Laser Safety Glasses Military Uses of Laser Safety Glasses Lasers are used within the military in many different ways, including: Direct energy weapons Medical uses Guidance systems for missiles Firearm sights Holographic weapons Industrial (incl. contracted) Research and development (incl. contracted)   Riot and Tactical […]

1550nm CW Fiber Coupled DPSS Laser 50W

High power single-mode 1550nm 50W CW fiber lasers with compact design , high  efficiency, near diffraction limited beam quality and maintenance free stable operation. They are widely used in laser pointing, marking, scientific research ,  dermatology treatment and other applications. 1550nm CW Fiber Coupled DPSS Laser 50W    Check more details about the produc . […]

Laser Laws

Laser Pointer News: L.A. bans laser pointers at demonstrations and marches, citing eye injuries. Los Angeles on Tuesday outlawed the possession of laser pointers and laser-style devices during public demonstrations, rallies, protests or picket lines, citing two dozen cases in which police officers and residents suffered eye injuries. Laser pointers have popped up at protests […]

1064nm Infrared Portable FIR Laser Pointer

1064nm is Far infrared laser ( FIR laser ) , reliable quality and stable performance. Wavelength: 1064nm (Infrared) Output power: 1500mW-2000mW Average power: 1800mW Dimensions: 36mm x 228mm Transverse Mode: Near TEM00 Operating Mode: CW Beam Diameter: adjustable Beam Divergence: adjustable Switch Type: On/off switch Duty Cycle: Constant on Power Source: 1 x 18650 Lion rechargeable battery and free battery Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃ […]

Laser Scene DIY Laser Grid

Laser Scene in Resident Evil Here we use blue laser system to make a Laser Scene in Resident Evil, just like this one .  But don’t worry, the blue laser is not so powerful to kill people. Resident Evil The Red Queen A.I. goes nuts and tries to kill everybody with blue lasers. And it’s a race […]

Get a Real Laser in Movie

Ninja laser, a ninja shoots lasers out of his knuckles. This being a superpower that ninjas only have in America. Resident Evil The Red Queen A.I. goes nuts and tries to kill everybody with blue lasers. And it’s a race against time to deactivate the lasers before this poor guy gets sliced and diced. Which… […]

Infrared 980nm Completely Invisible Laser Sight

Details: 980nm completely invisible laser sight is the new version based on the 808nm infrared laser sight. It produces a infrared completely invisible laser beam. You can’t see it with naked eyes,you only can see it with the help of Night Vision Goggles. A best choice for hunting at night. Laser Wavelength: 980nm Output Power:50mW Operating voltage: DC3.0-3.7V […]

Rifle Sight Infrared Laser Sight 808nm IR Light

Details: The 808nm laser rifle sight produces a infrared invisible laser beam. There is a very small red laser dot on the target. It’s almost invisible except you. There are two ways to mount it . Check the pictures below. The infrared laser sight are designed to use at night, you can see the target […]

IR Laser Pistol

These IR laser pistol is mounted a IR laser on a pistol. The IR laser is invisible, and you need a night vision to detect it. When we said IR laser pistol, the IR laser means infrared laser invisible laser, not green lasers or other visible lasers. Buy IR laser pistol : opticsplanet:  IR Infrared […]

Laser Pointer 303

Laser Pointer 303 is one of the most popular laser pointers. It has 4 colors : black, red, golden,blue, and the black one is the bestseller.   If you want to buy a laser pointer 303, you may find it’s hard to find them on Amazon. The laser poionter 303 is forbidden on Amazon, therefor […]