Yellow Laser Pointer

The yellow laser pointer is the laser pointer with wavelength 589nm,593nm (593.5nm ) or 594nm. The color laser the laser is yellow , or orange . It’s also called orange laser pointer.

You can’t buy the yellow laser pointers from Amazon, because most of the Amazon laser pointers are red and green, yellow ones are more expensive than the regular green , red or blue laser pointers.

We don’t suggest that you buy a laser pointer just for fun. Because the yellow laser pointers cost more than 300-400USD. And the yellow laser is also brighter than the red, green or blue laser.

Yellow Laser Pointer Suppliers

  1. biglasers YELLOW LASER POINTERS . They have 3 modules for yellow laser pointers, that is YX5, YX7, YX9 .
  2. eBay Low Price Low Quality yellow Laser Pointers.
  3. BeamQLaser yellow laser pointer from 1mW – 100mW .
  4. laserglow for 593.5 nm Yellow Laser Pointer.
  5. laserpointerstore for CNI GLP 589nm 561nm laser pointer .

At the year of 2024, most of low power yellow laser pointers, such as 1mw or 5mW, they’re pen size. While the 50mW or 100mW high power yellow laser pointers are laser torch flashlight style.