1550nm CW Fiber Coupled DPSS Laser 50W

High power single-mode 1550nm 50W CW fiber lasers with compact design , high  efficiency, near diffraction limited beam quality and maintenance free stable operation. They are widely used in laser pointing, marking, scientific research ,  dermatology treatment and other applications.
Wavelength(nm) : 1550
Output power(W) : 50
Spectral width(3dB): <1nm
Beam mode : TEM00
Operation mode :  CW
Output method : SMA905
Output core diameter : 15um
Average power stability(rms) : <3%
M2 factor <1.5
Beam dia.(mm) 4.0mm
Polarization  random
Operating temperature(℃) 10~35
life(hours) : 10000
Power consumption: <200W
Working Voltage: 24V
Cooling method: Air-cooled
Dimensions of laser head <300X400X150mm
More information about the applications:
 The application is absorption testing of coatings. Customers use the laser for generating a thermal lens on the test sample. This thermal lens is measured to calculate the absorption.