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A new Lazer Dazzler – for the uncontrolled riots in South Africa 7th 2021.The Looters stole over R16 billion in Stock from Retailers – while the Police and Army stood-by and did nothing.

Our customer like to consider The Lazer Dazzle Technology to disperse large crowds of people – IF something similar ever happens again. This time, the majority were caught off-guard but in future, they intend to be prepared, using the LATEST Technologies to protect people and property.


News About Laser Dazzlers:

Here’s Our Best Look Yet At The Navy’s New Laser Dazzler System
The Navy’s Optical Dazzling Interdictor, or ODIN, was photographed installed on the USS Stockdale during a replenishment in the Pacific.

Images published by the U.S. Navy this week offer the most detailed look yet at the new Optical Dazzling Interdictor, or ODIN, in an operational setting.