laser game

laser maze challenge.

A portal into the maze that creates a bright and stunning ambience around the entrance and communicates what state the maze is in so players know when the maze.

Laser Maze requires you to use mirrors, beam-splitters, a little science and brainpower to direct the laser through a series of mind-challenging mazes and light up the target. This award-winning maze game is designed for solo play, but it’s so much fun everyone in the family will want a turn.

laser tag

Laser tag is a recreational shooting sport where participants use infrared-emitting light guns to tag designated targets. Infrared-sensitive signaling devices are commonly worn by each player to register hits and are sometimes integrated within the arena in which the game is played.

Laser Tag is a fast-paced gun shooting game. Speed and accuracy is key to survival. Perfect for the casual shooter and kids parties.

How much is laser tag Hong Kong?
Lasertag player rates: HK$188/head for 1 hour, HK$288/head for 2 hours, HK$388/head for 3 hours, HK$488/head for 4 hours. Non-laser tag players: Party room fee of HK$50/hour/head. Each hour includes 2 rounds of 10-12 minutes laser tag game with party area services.