Pointer Red

There are two types of pointers red, 1# is only producing red laser beam, 2# is powerpoint red pointer, it can be working with powerpoint , it’s called PPT lasers.

The red laser pointer websites are :

  1. Amazon they sell low power 5mW red laser pointer, because the laser with > 5mW output power is not allowed on Amazon.
  2. BigLasers They sell 100mW- 300mW high power lasers with prices < 100USD, while they also have burning red lasers like 1000mW 1W burning red laser.
  3. BeamQ Red Laser Pointers Hight Power and Unique design.
  4. Legamaster Laser Pointer with Red Dot, they only have limited unique design pointer red.
  5. laserpointerpro Red Laser Pointers are the simplest lasers which can be battery-powered lasers.
  6. eBay It has red laser key chain, red laser for cats, and other cheap red lasers.