980nm Laser Infrared Invisible Light Beam

980nm Laser Torch Infrared Invisible Laser Pointer has complete invisible Light Beam .

(1) Wavelength (nm): 980nm
(2) Output power (W): >3W
(3) Horizontal mode: multi-mode
(4) Operation mode: CW
(5) Beam divergence, full angle (mard): <5
(6) Beam aperture (mm): 6
(7) Switch: button
(8) Surface color: black
(9) Dark range (m): 1000
(10) Power supply: 1×18650 with rechargeable and rechargeable battery
(11) Note aperture shutter, adjustable focus, radiator, security dongle, master key switch

Beam diameter Aperture: 3mm
Operating temperature: 15 to 35°C
one year warranty
Power tolerance: 15-25
Power density: 3.0 mW/cm2
Anti-explosion: GBT 2423.43-2008
Impact resistance: IEC 60068-2-47: 2005
Safety level: Level IV
Storage temperature: 15~35
Cooling method: natural air cooling
Working humidity: 20-85%
Storage humidity: 10-95%
Material: Aluminum 6061 T6
Warranty: 24 months warranty

The 980nm Laser pointer torch has a wavelength of 980nm laser light. This laser light is invisible to human eyes. The invisible laser can only be seen on the IR laser detection cards.

The 980nm laser dot is completely invisible, and the target dot is light green on the laser detection cards. It’s bright green light dot.