Laser Torch Blue Outdoor Hunting Military Guide Long-Distance Shooting laser dazzler self defense



Laser Torch 450nm 5000mw Blue Self-Defense Outdoor Hunting And Expedition, Military Pointer Pen And Extended Pointer To Guide Long-Distance Shooting Black laser dazzler self defense


Are laser dazzlers legal?
A laser dazzler has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for non-military use by law enforcement officers. … He also noted that ordinary citizens armed with laser pointers could be more of a hazard than police or military dazzlers.

As a laser pointer, it is practically useless for self defense. You might be able to make some use of it as poking/stabbing tool, especially for the eyes or throat.

Material: hard aluminum
Mode: Gypsophila pattern
Battery: 2 gold steel energy batteries
Switch: push button switch with safety button on the back cover
Shell color: black
Net weight: Blu-ray 0.286KG
Full set weight: 1.174KG
Size: 277mm*35mm
There is an indicator light showing the battery level 0.33 per grid