uv laser diode 365nm

UV laser diode 365nm is one type is the UV laser diodes with wavelength of 365 nano meter.

UV is from 150 nanometers to 400 nanometers. This is a short wavelength for a laser. The short wavelength translates to a small spot size, which in turn means great spatial resolution.

365 nm Ultraviolet Laser Diodes Composed of Quaternary AlInGaN Alloy .

These laser diodes as following can be used for uv laser diodes 365nm:

L375P70MLD 375 nm 70 mW 110 mA
L404P400M 404 nm 400 mW 370 mA
LP405-SF10 405 nm 10 mW 50 mA
L405P20 405 nm 20 mW 38 mA

365 nm UV laser specifications (Hamamatsu)