ND3 laser

All related ND3 laser Products. ND3 is the module number for laser genetics ND3.

ND3 Laser is a durable high-performance illuminator useful for hunting, hiking, search and rescue. The hight power 532 nanometer beam is visible up to three miles away and features focusable intensity using a patented rotary optical beam collimator.

ND3 Laser are well-suited for a vast range of tactical and sporting. Defocus the optical collimator to paint your field of view with highly-visible 532 nm green light or focus the laser for a narrow 26mm beam that is visible at night up to three miles away.

ND3 Laser Diode

The 532nm beam is highly visible to human eyes and requires minimal night adjustment.

ND3 Rotary Optical Beam Collimator

Quickly and easily adjust the beam diameter by rotating the collar at the base of the lens assembly. Beam diameter ranges 26-320mm (+/- 10mm).

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