Blue Laser Pointer 1000mW Handheld Size Powerful Torch


Blue Laser Pointer with 1000mW 1W output power. Handheld compact size. Powerful Blue Laser Torch Flashlight for hunting camping.


Blue Laser Pointer 1000mW 1W Handheld Powerful Blue Laser Torch. The most powerful blue laser pointer in the world, the output power is as high as 1000mW (1W). The blue laser burns paper,plastics,light a match.

The Bluray is a Class 4 laser that puts out up to 1300 milliwatts (1.3W) of power – strong enough to burn holes, pop balloons, and start fires from across the room. The Bluray is the most powerful handheld laser in the world – and it’s available to you.


The 1W blue laser is super bright. It’s well designed and stable. It’s the best and cheapest in the world! The 1W blue laser is powered by 1x 18650 battery.
Output wavelength:440-450nm
Output power:850-1000mW
Average power:900mW
Charger included, battery not included.


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