High Power Burning Blue Laser Pointers with Output Power 5000mW

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Powerful 450nm High Power Burning Blue Laser Pointers Output Power 5000mW

Dimensions: 135.3*33mm front and back
Shell Material: Aviation Aluminum
Surface Treatment: Sand Matt Black/Silver Titanium/Army Green Oxidation
Output wavelength: 450nm
Gear settings: Two gears, constant light and glare
Switch mode: self-locking, close or touch shift
Output power: 1-5W
Average power: 4-4.5W
Safety Rating: Class IV
Circuit Control: 5V Boost with Reverse Protection
Circuit Efficiency: Over 93% boost conversion efficiency
Spot form: Spot
Beam style: continuous line
Spot Size: About 5M at <φ15-18mm
Focus method: Focusable
Focusing method: Rotate the front threaded front cover to achieve zoom
Diving level: 5 meters diving
Working current: 3.7V @4.9A
Battery Type: 18650 battery
Battery direction: positive direction to light, negative to tail switch
Operating voltage: DC=3.7V
Starting voltage: DC=2.5V
Warm-up time: no
Working temperature: -10°C~+60°C
Storage temperature: -10°C~+40°C
NW:  240g
GW: 285g

1 review for High Power Burning Blue Laser Pointers with Output Power 5000mW

  1. Max Hummel

    The flashlights are amazing, the rechargeable batteries in them are really nice, and it makes it a lot cheaper to have them instead of buying new batteries every few days. And the customer service is even better, I had an issue with one of my flashlights, and they got back to me an hour later. I would recommend buying from them every time, you will not be disappointed with the quality of their product, or the quality of their customer service.

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