5MW Laser Star Pen For Teaching Meeting PPT Pet Cat Toy Dot High Power Red Laser Star Pens Light Color Green Blue Pointer Laser Star Sight Pen


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Product specifications: φ14 × 155mm
Output wavelength: green light 532nm, red light 650nm, blue violet light 405nm
Output power: 5mw
Range: 500 meters
Spot diameter: minimum spot diameter ≤ φ1.0mm; light spot at 15m <Φ18mm
Product material: aluminum
Battery: 2*AAA dry battery product appearance (package not available)
Appearance color: black
Laser Star type: Visible Laser Star Diode
Specification function: fixed focus, spot light spot, continuous output, continuous service life > 5000 hours
Circuit Control: APC Line
Working voltage: DC=3V
Starting voltage: DC=2.3V
Working current: I<350mA
Working temperature: +20 ° C ~ +30 ° C
Storage temperature: +10 ° C ~ +40 ° C
Tip: If the weather is cold, please put the green Laser Star into your pocket, The heat can make the Laser Star
start normally. and then put it into the battery. It is because the temperature is low and the Laser Star starts slowly.

A gecko robbed my toy!!!

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