1000mw Portable red laser pointer laser

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【Product Features】
High-performance T7075 aluminum substrate made​​, high-end pump source and crystal accessories in clean room production, all materials and factory have to undergo rigorous testing to ensure product performance and service life of the high-end.

Wavelength: 650nm
Output Power: 1000mw High output power laser beam, Safety glasses is necessary!
Class: Class IIIB / ClassⅣ
Output Mode: Continuous Wave
Beam Divergence: ≦2.0mrad
Project distance: 10000 meters away (less in daylight)
Weight: ≦300g (Not include battery)
Size: 234.5(L)*36(∮)
Operating Temp. Range: 0~40°C
Storage Temp. Range: -10~70°C
Maximum power: ≦6.0W
Working Voltage: 3-5VDC
Power supply: 1 x 18650 Li-ion Recharged Battery (Not Include)
Battery Lifetime: About 120 mins
Electrical protection: High temperature / overcurrent and overvoltage / reverse
Shutdown mode: Plug pigtail power on / off
The main material: T7075 aviation aluminum
Surface treatment: Matte / Hard anodized / matt
Expected lifetime: More than 8,000 hours
Warranty: 6 Months Factory warranty

【Packing list】
1x Manual
1x Charger
1x Box
1x Laser Pointer

【Open the power steps 】
1. Open the back cover of the laser, mounted on a dedicated battery (note: the battery’s positive toward the tail)
2. Installed on the end cap of the plastic lid and press the End button, power indicator light (red), laser switching becomes blue.
3. Press the switch until the yellow light flashes three times after the release, the laser light.
4. Laser maximum laser power starting, less power switch is pressed again.
5. Switch laser pulse switch above the soft buttons, press to enter the laser pulse mode, pulsed light.
Press again to exit the pulse mode.

【Shutdown steps 】
Press the switch until the yellow light flashes three times after release, laser stop working, and then press the tail cap of the plastic switch turned off, or just press the tail cap of the plastic switch off.

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  1. Helen

    Very pleased ! Great also to the person that wrote on the review that didn’t think it needed a key t…

  2. Dallas Nugent

    It goes soo far.People sell this same exact laser for $300 this is a steal for 169 bucks!

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