Laser Pointer 303 Safety Goggles Glasses



This pair of glasses is designed for laser protection of -540nm at 200nm. It can also be used for red light of -660nm at 550nm. It can prevent the laser glare effect and make the red light look more vivid and clear, so this pair of glasses protects the eyes. At the same time, it can also ensure the visual effect of a specific band, which can extend the visibility of red light by 10-15 meters.

Protection wave length: 200 nm – 540 nm
Light density OD: OD + 4
Protection characteristics: absorption type, omnidirectional, unsolicited direction request
Visible light transmission rate: green light <50%, red light> 60%
Suitable light: light green light flash / red light flashy light
Scaffolding material: synthetic composites of synthetic resin materials

Laser damage to glasses:
Due to the characteristics of the laser, energy can be concentrated in space and time to focus on the retina to form an image, and the energy density on the retina is increased by 104~105 compared with the incident energy density on the cornea; laser monochromaticity Well, the color difference in the fundus is small. These features result in damage to the cornea or retina of the eye caused by very low laser energy exposure.
Protective glasses function:
Laser protective glasses have a protective effect on specific bands, which can prevent laser glare and make the laser look brighter and clearer. Therefore, this type of glasses can protect the eyes while ensuring the visibility of specific bands.
Absorbent goggles advantages:
1, no choice of light source, can safely protect a variety of diffuse light; incident light at any angle is equally effective protection.
2, the attenuation rate is higher;
3, the surface is not afraid of wear and tear, even if there is scratch, it does not affect the safety of light;
As shown in Figure 4, the light response is faster <10-9 seconds;
5, at the same time, it has good shielding effect on the glare white light generated in the laser operation.


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