303 Green Laser Light Laser Light Starry Pattern



303 Green Laser Light Laser Light Starry Pattern

product information
Product model: 303 green light star
Use battery: 18650 or 16340 lithium battery
Appearance material: high-strength aerospace alloy
Module material: pure copper
Startup time: <3 seconds
Whether to focus: head rotation focus
Real power: 50mW
Label power: 200mW
Product size: 158*22*22
Switch design: the contact is turned on (you need to press it to light)
Ignition distance: 6~13CM after focusing
Normal working temperature: +20°~30°
Charging time: 3 hours
Is it possible to ignite firewood: yes (limited to black matches)

1. Please don’t shoot the light directly to eyes of human or animal.
2. Please remove the batteries when you don’t use it, and keep it away from a child.
3. We suggest the continuous illumining use should be less than 30 seconds, in case of the excessive heat influence the service life.
4. If you find that the brightness of the laser beam is seriously reduced, please note that to charge the battery or replace the battery.


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