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Pen shape, handy and portable to carry.The laser light can be seen clearly though a long distance.
Green laser pointers are brighter (about 60 times) than a red laser pointer. Human eye is more sensitive to green color and this laser pointer is much more noticeable than other light color.
Name: Green laser pen
Wavelength: 532nm
Output Power: 5mW
Class: ClassIIIA
Output Mode: Continuous Wave
Product Color: Black
Size: 13.5 x 160mm
Body material: Aluminum
Operating Temp. Range: 15~30°C
Storage Temp. Range: -10~50°C
Project distance: 4000 meters away (less in daylight).
Power Consumption:  3.0V~3.7V @ 1A
Power supply: 2 x AAA Battery (Not Include)
Operation: ON/OFF  touching button
Warranty:  1 Year Factory warranty
Packing List:
1x manual
1x box
1x laser pen


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