Greenlight Laser 200mw Green Laser Light a Match


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This 200mW burning green laser pointer is powerful and cheap. You may find the similar shapes, but this one is made of the best laser diode. It can be working for a long time, and you can use it for years. It’s true 200mW green laser, true power and reasonable price.┬áThe laser pointers contain IR filters. If they don’t have the IR filters, the lasers burn more easily. However it may damage your eyes, because the invisible rays are not blocked, they’re bounced off walls.
Greenlight Laser
Color: Black (It’s not chorme as the main picture, it’s as the smaller,top-right picture)
Output Mode: Constant Wave
Output Power:200mw
Batteries: AAA size alkaline batteries.
Never stare directly at the laser beam.
Please keep out of reach of children.
Do not drop the laser pointer on hard surface;it damages the pointer components and causes a malfunction.
This high-end optic product must be handled with care.
Battery Installation:
While inserting the batteries ALWAYS point the laser emission hole away from your eye.Unscrew the pen clip from the pen. Insert batteries positive end upward and tightly screw the pen clip.
Presss the push button to turn it on.Release the push button to shut if off automatically.
Operating temperature: 15-35 degree.
This pointer is not designed for long-term use.
Constantly turning on will return accumulation of high temperature and sacrifice the lifetime of laser diode.


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