Sweeper Lidar Laser Head Laser Module 785nm 5mw 6.5*22mm NTYPE


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Sweeper Lidar Laser Head Laser Module 785nm 5mw 6.5*22mm NTYPE


Wavelength 785±nm Output band Near infrared invisible light
Power >5.0 mW Spot mode punctate
Operating voltage <2VDC(No direct power supply) Spot focal length Fixed
Operating current 40mA Laser grade
Operating temperature -10℃~32 Overall dimensions Φ6.5*22mm
Storage temperature -20℃~75 Power supply size
Service life 50008000h Material color Copper
Operation mode Continuous laser Weight g

Detection drive circuit For testing only

Line length 50MM

Terminal PH -3A 2.0*3PIN

Red line, LD Positive PDNegative common foot

Black line, LD Negative electrode

Yellow line, PD Positive electrode

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