808nm 400mw/800mw/1600mw IR Focusable InfraRed Laser Diode Module 12V TTL


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808nm IR InfraRed 400mw 800mw 1600mw Laser Dot Module TTL W/ 12V Power Supply

Please note that this is 808nm IR Lasers which can only be seen a weak red light and the spot beam is more like rectangular.It’s normal.


Output Power:0.4/ 0.8W/1.6W
Wavelength 808nm
Working Voltage 12V DC
Working Current 1.35A +-15%
Working Temperature -10℃- 30℃
TTL >20KHz
Laser Shape:dot(The spot can be adjusted from rectangle to oval)
Divergence 5mrad
Focusable YES
Lens Glass
Dimensions 33*33*80mm
Working Life >5000 Hours


1. This laser module can work for a long time with cooling fan.But please make sure to keep the laser working under 30℃.
2. Please add a 12VDC power to this laser module. Red wire connects”+” pole; Black wire connects ”-” pole. TTL 3-5V on, 0V off. If you don’t use TTL, please just leave the blue and white wire.
3. This is a focusable laser module. Please do not take off the lens adjustable part off to avoid dust.
4. There is a potentiometer on the driver. You can turn it to adjust the power of the laser. Turn Clockwise to increase the laser power. Otherwise to decease the power. But the current can not surpass the current we have set up.
5. Please wear 808nm laser protection goggles to protect your eyes when working on this module


1pc Powerful 808nm Infrared IR Laser Diode Module


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