Laser Gloves Blue Violet Purple Color Laser




Right Laser Gloves Purple Laser

Size: XL
We are producing light-weight products such as laser-guided, laser helmets, laser gloves, laser glasses, etc.!
The battery is mounted on the upper glove and fixed for easy use when charging.

One of the best items for DJs, RAVE junkies, or all special effects gurus are our DJ laser gloves. Our dj laser gloves have become a hit in the nightlife life industry specially for LED ROBOTS and DJs during their sets.

Purple laser gloves use for stage and dancing

Output power : 50mW
Violet Purple :4pcs*405nm 50mW
With rechargerable battery .
Work 2~ hours for one time .
Glove Size: both bands, size by adjusting the straps.
Charging time :2-3 hours


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