Invisible Beam IR Light Laser Torch Illuminator 980nm 100mW


High quality unique design 980nm IR infrared handheld laser pen. 980nm light is totally invisible for naked eyes. Press the button and you won’t see the laser beam. But it can be dangerous if you don’t know it has a powerful laser beam.


Invisible Beam IR Light Laser Torch Illuminator 980nm 100mW

Output power(mW):100
Transverse mode:TE00
Operating mode:CW
Beam divergence:full angel(mard)<5
Beam diameter at the aperture(mm):6
Switch:Push button
Surface color:Black
Range in darkness(m):1000~10000
Power supply:2 x AAA

Pen style, portable
Well tested and high quality infrared laser pointer
invisible effect
Fixed focus, continuous output
Using long lifetime chip, more than 8000hours

Application Area:
Counterfeit detection
Medical treatment
Infrared sources for night vision
Signal recognition

Packing list :
1x box
1x laser pen

Package information :
Qty: 50 pcs/carton
Carton Size: 36.5cmX35cmX17cm



It’s a simple 980nm ir laser pointer, if  you need more choices. Check these ones:


PIL-980 Series
Infrared laser pointer, 980 nm, cw-operation
black metal body with clip, status LED, security key lock system available
Dimension: 14 x 167 mm, Weight: 85 g, 2x 1.5 V AAA







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