808nm 500mw/ 850nm 1000mw 1W Near-infrared Laser Diode Module Focusing Head 12V


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808nm 500mw/ 850nm 1000mw 1W Near-infrared Laser Diode Module Focusing Head 12V

Please note that this is 808nm IR Lasers which can only be seen a weak red light and the spot beam is more like rectangular.It’s normal.


Wavelength: 808nm/850nm
Focusable: yes (to adjust the spot size)
The power can be adjusted by external PWM signal!
Working voltage: 12V
Laser shape: non-circular, more like rectangle!


1. The laser power module is relatively large, and eye contact is prohibited, otherwise it will lead to permanent blindness at your own risk!
2. Do not use it in flammable and gas environment to avoid fire and explosion.
3. Children are not allowed to touch this laser product.
4. The laser is equipped with a power adapter that can be directly connected to the socket to emit light, because the infrared eye is basically invisible, please be careful not to directly shine on the eye, and the light spot can be seen clearly through the mobile phone camera.
5. Do not open the module to prevent damage.
6. PWM: 0-12V, frequency<18K
7.The laser interface has three pins. The red wire is connected to 12V+power supply, the yellow wire is connected to PwM signal, the black wire is connected to power supply GD, and the white wire is connected to signal GND. The power supply and signal are grounded together! If you don’t connect the signal directly to 12V+and GND, you can emit light! There is no need to connect the signal again. The signal is only used to control the switch or adjust the power!


1pc 808nm 500mw/ 850nm 1w laser module
1pc power adapter
3pcs wires


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