5V Infrared 250mW 830nm IR Dot Laser Diode Module 16x68mm


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5V Infrared 250mW 830nm IR Dot Laser Diode Module 16x68mm

Type: M-16A830-250-GLX
Wavelength: 830nm
Power: 250mW
Supply voltage: DC 5V
Working Current: 220mA
Spot mode:Dot
Output wave band: Not the visible light
Material: Aviation Aluminum
Optical portion: Focus + wavy glass lenses
Lens Material: K9 glass lenses
Operating temperature: ±50℃
working life: 1000 hours infrared,The naked eye can only see a little bit of beam,Infrared equipment required to watch
size: ∮16MM*68MM
DC cable length 1.2m(can focus)
The structural: characteristics of aluminum alloy shell + imported laser diode + K9 glass lens + constant current driver board

1.The modules are tested and the output power are measured by laser power meter before sending out.
2.Please don’t compare the power of this one with a none-measured laser.
3.If you doubt the output, please have the laser you recieved checked by laser power meter.
4.If there is any problem, please feel free to contact us. We will solve the problem asap.
5.It is IR laser,the laser light cannot be seen by human bare eyes with only using DDC/infrared camera get it.
6.The dot is not a circle, it is oblong !
7.Buyers who buy IR lasers please make sure you know it. since it is IR near red, there is a red bomb. and it is normal. red bomb means a weak red if the ir laser is near red–close to the <700nm wavelength.
8.If you need an absolutely ir laser without red bomb, please add a filter on it.
9.If you need a red laser, please choose a 650nm one.
10.If you do not know what is IR laser, please do not buy it!



1pc Focusable 250mW 830nm Infrared IR Laser Module 16mm*68mm


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