Scubapro Underwater Torch for Scuba Diving 180 Meters Deep


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Scubapro Underwater Torch for Scuba Diving 180 Meters Deep.  The new underwater torch has a lovely white front and an understated grey back and can apparently stand almost anywhere.
Scubapro is made of Titanium, it’s the best scuba torch which you can use for years. While the regular scuba diving torch can be used only for one time.
High rigidity: compression capability, deep ocean work deformation, complete water proof.
Resistance to corrosion: Titanium material can be working in the ocean for many years, no maintenance.
Non-magnetic: regular diving torch use Magnetic Switch, Scubapro not.
Scubapro has pure mechanical switch, it can be used in sensitive environments,such as anti-submarine, mine clearance and other magnetic sensitive precision instrument checks.
No electromagnetic radiation: External circuit does not produce electromagnetic radiation (LED drive circuit misconduct will produce electromagnetic radiation)
Small size: easy to carry (more than a flashlight, but smaller than the diving torch)
Anti-aging: All material (Except for the battery) can be stored for more than a decade, it is particularly suitable for use combat readiness
The cylinder material: GB titanium, high-strength plastic
Internal material: high strength plastic, copper alloy spring the highest specifications, etc.
Optical Lens: PC resin or high-strength glass
Seals: Europe (Germany) imported rubber seals
Switch Type: purely mechanical rotary switch
Light source: CREE or Osram LED
Battery: one 26650 rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery
Dimensions: 64x69x196mm
Weight: 0.75 kg on land, underwater about 0.4 kg
Light output: standard 260 lumens (CREE LED), yellow
Continuous illumination time: 4 hours, with the temperature change
Maximum diving depth: -180 meters (500 meters can be customized)
Temperature: -20 degrees to +80 degrees


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