JSHFEI GREEN R400 Wireless Presenter Pointer Case Remote Control Receiver with 532NM Laser Star Pen For office PEN Laser Star pointer


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JSHFEI GREEN R400 Wireless Presenter Receiver Pointer Case Remote Control with 532NM Laser Star Pen For office PENLaser Star

NOTE:no battery

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It suit Windows XP Windows Vista and Windows 7.
USB interface
Red Laser Star pen: in most background can be easily seen.
Use distance for as long as 15 meters: can make in the room free walk around and interact with the audience.
Battery power indicator: can make you understand the power balance situation,
On/off switch can extend battery life.
Intuition type slide control button: can make you survey presentation material.
Button a touch vested.
The design of the exterior of the smooth feel perfect achievement.

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