Green Laser Flashlight Pointer 200mW Torch High Power Military Burning Beam



532nm High Ppower Military 200000m  Powerful Light Flashlight Green Laser Pointer Burning Beam Burn Match,Pop balloon Lazer

1.This is a very convenient hand-held military grade laser light, When you travel or adventure and need a pointer, it is a good choice.
2.can also be used in laser pointer.
3.aviation aluminum alloy, durable;
4. The appearance of the surface treatment: anodized black
1. This laser is of high power so it will run out of battery quickly.
2. Do not keep the laser on continuously for more than 20 seconds or it could burn from the inside.
3. Never shine the laser beam into, or even near, the eyes of humans or animals. This could cause blindness.
3. Children should use the laser beam under adult supervision only. Remove the batteries when not in use and store in an out-of-way place to prevent unsupervised use by children.
4. If you find that the brightness of the laser beam is reduced, please charge or replace battery.

Wavelength: 532nm.
Beam style: Continuous line.
Output power< 200mw
Working temperature: +15 – +35Deg.C
Storage temperature: -10 – +40Deg.C
Preheat time: < 3seconds.
Light color: green
Shell color: black/silver/golden
Laser output power:<1mw
Size: 15.5*2.5cm



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