Focusable 450nm 2.5w Blue Laser module Engraving Laser Head 12V PWM TTL Driver Board


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Focusable 450nm 2.5w Blue Laser module Engraving Laser Head 12V PWM TTL Driver Board


Dimensions: 33*33*55

Output wavelength: 455nm±5nm

Output power: >2.5W

Input voltage: 12V

Input current: 5A

Storage temperature: -40℃-80℃

Working temperature: 0℃-60℃

Wire length: 25CM

Irradiation distance: 8M

Light spot size: <15mm

Working hours: 8000H


TTL modulation. Adjustable focal length, rotating the head of the laser left and right, you can adjust the focal length according to the distance of the working distance to the appropriate spot size.

12V cooling DC fan, industrial exhaust fan, low power consumption, fast heat dissipation, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection.

The heat sink has strong heat dissipation performance, which can effectively ensure the stability and service life of the product. Good heat dissipation characteristics, compact structure and high reliability.

The circuit board uses a 12V/PWM modulation board.

The structure size is 33*33*55mm, adopting the national standard hole size, and the small hole diameter is M3*8


Can carve the following materials: two-color board, bamboo wood, leather, rubber board, stone, artificial stone PVC board, wood products,

Metal plate, crystal, Corian, paper, alumina, resin, spray metal.

Inspection before leaving the factory:

In order to ensure the quality of the product, each laser must undergo an 8-hour aging test before leaving the factory to ensure the quality and stability of the product.


1pc Blue Laser 450nm 2.5w Adjustable Engraving Laser Module