9.0mm 500mW 808nm TO-5 Infrared IR Laser Diode DIY Lab High Quality


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9.0mm 500mW 808nm TO-5 Infrared IR Laser Diode 

Features:                                                                           .

Output Power 500mw
Wavelength 808nm
Working Voltage 2.2VDC
Working Current 650mA
Working Temperature -10 DEGREE~+40 DEGREE
Dimensions TO-5 (9.0mm) 


This Infrared laser diode is an industrial electronic component and used for as Industrial testament, Lab, DIY.
The laser diode is and precise and sensitive optical instrument. Before carrying on some laser DIY activities, please read about the technical information first and protect your eyes before laser ray. Be sure the operator has experience in optics DIY or testing. and Don’t operate when the power is connected. 



1X 9.0mm 500mW 808nm Infrared IR Laser Diode