uv laser diode 365nm

UV laser diode 365nm is one type is the UV laser diodes with wavelength of 365 nano meter. UV is from 150 nanometers to 400 nanometers. This is a short wavelength for a laser. The short wavelength translates to a small spot size, which in turn means great spatial resolution. 365 nm Ultraviolet Laser Diodes […]

High power 808nm VCSEL chips VCSEL Laser

High power 808nm VCSEL chip Laser components. It’s designed for high power and efficiency, with high reliability, stable wavelength, narrow spectral width, low thermal resistance and excellent high temperature performance. You can get more product details here at BeamQ 808nm VCSEL Laser chips . Here are several modules for 808nm VCSEL chips : LMV81001 VCSEL […]

Horizontal Cavity Surface-Emitting HCSEL laser

HCSEL is the abbreviation of Horizontal Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser. HCSEL laser is a semiconductor light source. It’s developed based on compound semiconductor materials. Similar to the structure of an EEL (edge-emitting laser), the HCSEL horizontally laser cavity uses diffraction optics to form surface light perpendicular to the laser oscillation direction. Usually the operating wavelengths of […]

780nm DFB laser 14-pin Butterfly Laser

780nm DFB Laser OEM and Customized Products for 14-pin Butterfly Package.  14 Pin butterfly laser diodes, single-mode and fiber coupled (single-mode as well) with FC/PC confection, with integrated TEC, thermistor and photo diode. Wavelength: 780nm With PD With TEC Cooling; With Aiming Beam(for IR Laser); 100um/200um Fiber Core; FC/ST/SMA905 Connector;