Waterproof 488nm Cyan Blue Ray Handheld Dot Laser Pointer Torch


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Model: 488T-60-F-W-18650-XL
Laser Shape Dot
Output Power:1mw
Working Voltage:DC=3.7V
Start voltage:2.5V
Spot Size:about 5M at 15-18mm
Operating temperature:-10 ℃~ +60 ℃
Safety level:Class IV
Beam pattern:Dot(Continuous line beam)
Focusing method: Zoom by rotating the front threaded front cover
Diving level: 5 meters diving
Electric Control:ACC
Dimensions:φ32 * 135mm
Housing Material:Aviation aluminum
Battery:1x 18650 Lithium battery required(not included)


The design adopts simple and fashionable style. The appearance and feel are quite good. The module is made of imported laser tube. The concentricity is high precision, the structure is close, the pressure assembling process is adopted. Design, and designed for waterproof structure, and can focus, tail switch for the long light switch.Our laser pointer is very powerful, so don't see it for long time with bare eyes.Please storage the laser in dry environment and keep it away from children.Please avoid direct eye exposure to the laser when use it as a pure laser pointer.


1x Waterproof Focusable 488nm Cyan Blue Handheld Laser Pointer LED Torch 488T-60 (Battery not included for easy custom clearance)

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