Portable Laser Dazzler Law Enforcement and Self Defense High Power Lasers for Sale



Compact High Power Laser 500mW Portable Green Laser Dazzler for Law Enforcement and Self Defense

100% IR FILTERED! No harmful to human eyes.

Intelligent Focus Adjustable Mechanism

Weapon mountable for versatility

Non-lethal crowd control and  tactical area denial


One Year’s Guarantee!

Wavelength: 532nm (GREEN)

Output power: 500-800mW

Dimensions: 36mm x 228mm

Transverse Mode: TEM00

Operating Mode: CW

Beam Diameter: 1.2 mm- 12 cm; Adjustable

Beam Divergence: 1.2 – 12 mrad; Adjustable

Switch Type: On/off switch

Duty Cycle: Constantly on

Power Source: Free 1 x 18650 Lion rechargeable battery and free Charger

Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃

Expected Diode Lifetime: >8000 hours

Warranty Period:5 years

All-in-one Kit: Portable Laser; 18650 Lithium Battery and Free Charger; two keys for locking/unlocking; One remote interlock key


This version of 500mW+ portable green laser dazzlers are made and tested with a precise eye safe power density for mere TEMPORARY vision impairment device. However, the power density is a little greater than the standardized ANSI Z136.1 power density of 2.55mW/cm² for a cw laser based on a 0.25 second exposure time (blink response). 2.55mW/cm², the maximum allowed (MPE) by ANSI Z136.1 to be designated eye safe, is 10% of the power density (26mW/cm²) necessary to cause irreversible eye damage, based on a 0.25 second exposure time.

The working distance is 500 meters at day, 2000-3000 meters at night.

Please feel free to let us know if there is any special requirement you need.

500Mw+ Portable Dazer Laser
Wavelength(nm) 532±1.0nm Spatial Mode(mode) NEAR TEM00
Power(mW) 500~600mW Power density(mW/cm2 ~3.0 mW/cm2
Power tolerance(X%) ±10%@25℃ 5Min Full divergence(mrad) 1.0~20.0 mrad(adjustable)
Beam diameter(CM) ≦2000CM@1000M Effective distance(M) 0~200.0M
Illumination range(M) ≦15,000M Working mode(HZ) CW+PULSE MODE
Technical Specifications
Weight(KG) ≦0.6KG Dimension(mm3 ∮38mm×260mm
Working temp.(℃) 0℃~50℃ Working humidity(X%) 20-85%RH
Storage temp.(℃) -25℃~75℃ Storage humidity(X%) 10-95%RH
Safety class Class Ⅳ Power 12v Li-on battery
Diode life(hours) ≧8000 Anti-knock GBT 2423.43-2008
Anti-interference GB/T17626.8-1998 Anti-impact IEC 60068-2-47:2005



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