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REITER 180-520nm laser safety glasses

UV protection 305nm 355nm 380nm 405nm 450nm 495nm
Optical Density OD5+

Apply to

1. UV plant growth lamp protection
2. Light curing protection for dental fillings
3. UV paint light curing protection
4. Block the sun’s ultraviolet rays
5. Block the ultraviolet and blue light in the LED light, so that the light is not dazzling
6. UV laser machine protection
7, UV laser cutting machine protection

7149#Compatible with myopia glasses

7150#Compatible with myopia glasses

7179#800 degree European and American models

Welcome to China Guangzhou Xinmu Glasses Co., Ltd.

We accept mass customized production of all kinds of glasses, and provide high-quality services such as scheme, design, development, and timely delivery.

The company mainly produces: ISO, AS/NZS, ANSI Z80. Sunglasses

ISO, AS/NZS, ANSI Z80. Sunglasses
Safety glasses for Z87.1, EN166
Laser safety goggles for EN207, EN208
STANAG 4495, MIL STD 662 Military Personal Laser Protection Standard Glasses.

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7149, 7150, 7179