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Introduction to laser glasses

Principle introduction

B & P/T-REX laser safety protective glasses adopts the principle of light absorption: it has no selectivity to the light source and can safely protect all kinds of bounce light; It has no selectivity to the incident angle of the light source and can comprehensively protect the laser and strong light of specific bands. The light reaction is fast. The attenuation rate is relatively high. The surface is not afraid of wear, even if there are scratches, it does not affect the safety protection of light, and can protect your eyes in all directions.

1. Reflecting laser protective eyewear is plated with multi-layer reflective dielectric layer on the surface of base optical glass.


1. Simple process;

2. High visible light transmittance;

3. High attenuation rate;

4. Fast Light Reaction Time <10-9 seconds;


1. It has serious selectivity to light source. The incident light source must be facing the protective mirror (the incident light is the normal direction of the mirror), and its protective effect is the largest, otherwise it is the smallest.

Otherwise, Lampure will occur. The larger the incident angle, the shorter the protection wavelength will drift. When the protection band is not wide enough or the protection wavelength is short, oblique incidence may occur.

2. The reflective medium layer is easy to take off, and it is not easy to observe with naked eyes after falling off, which is also the most dangerous,. The domestic reflective dielectric layer usually falls off in about a year. The higher the light attenuation rate, the thicker the plated dielectric layer, and the easier it falls off.

II. Absorption protective eyewear add special absorbent to the base material PC.


1. There is no selectivity to the light source, which can safely protect all kinds of bounce light; Incident light from any angle can be protected with the same efficiency.

2. High attenuation rate;

3. The surface is not afraid of wear, even if there is scratch, it does not affect the safety protection of light;

4. Faster light reaction <10-9 seconds;

5. At the same time, it has good shielding property for the dazzling white light generated during laser operation.

Disadvantages: low visible light transmittance

3. Optical density (OD)

It is used to indicate that a laser of a specific wavelength can pass goggles of the laser.

For example, OD1 +: indicates that 10% of a laser of a specific wavelength can transmit laser goggles

The same is as follows:







IV. Visible light transmittance (VLT%)

Used to indicate that visible light can transmit goggles of the laser. The higher the VLT%, the brighter the lens will be and the clearer the vision will be.

At the same time, the optical density (OD) will affect the light transmittance. Since our laser goggles is absorption type, it is determined by the production process that some light transmittance will be lost if the light density is high. If the requirement of optical density is lower, the light transmittance can be improved, so the vision will be clearer. Laser goggles is an efficient and safe goggles synthesized from PC polymer materials and light absorption materials of specific wavelengths.

There are many types of laser goggles, with different materials, Principles and Applications. Laser goggles is worn in laser operating environment, if you wear it in a non-working environment, you will feel a little uncomfortable and adapt to it for a long time. Laser goggles is laser protection, and the Laser Protective eyewear is reasonably selected according to the specific use requirements. When Protective eyewear is selected, the maximum irradiance or maximum irradiance of laser output is determined first according to the parameters such as the maximum output power (or energy) beam diameter and pulse time of the laser used. Then, determine the minimum optical density value required by glasses according to the maximum allowable exposure amount (eye exposure limit) of phase wavelength and Irradiation time, and select the appropriate protective eyewear accordingly.










EN207 CE certificate for IPL laser glasses                                                             undefinedundefined                

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