9 9 Upgrade Laser Picosecond Pen Moles Tattoos Warts Remover Pen Spots Freckle Removal Rechargeable Washing Eyebrows Machine


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9+9 Upgrade Laser Picosecond Pen Moles Tattoos Warts Remover Pen Spots Freckle Removal Rechargeable Washing Eyebrows Machine

Item Type:Laser Picosecond Pen
Charging Time:5 Hours
Usage Time:2 Hours
Red Light Power:1000MW
Blue Light Power:1500MW
Product Include
1*Laser Picosecond Pen
1*Visible Glasses(Just for Blue Light)
1*Protective Glasses
1.Ergonomic design is comfortable and non-slip
2.Harmless to normal skin.
3.9 gear adjustment,suitable for your different needs
4.Easy to operation.Touch screen.
5.Short pulse width, hardly produce light and heat effect.
6.Powerful and rapid energy breaks up dark pigment directly.
7.Fewer treatment times, better treatment effects.
8.Wide customer application range, more durable and safe.
9.Can effectively resolve melanin into fine particles, so as to promote skin metabolism and reduce melanin deposits.
Methods for removing the tattoo
1.Apply anesthetic cream.
2.When removing tattoos, use 2-5 for POWER and 3-4 for MODE.
3.The machine head is in contact with the skin and the position is fixed, and the hand is moved slowly to operate. It can be hit repeatedly, but do not stay in the same place for more than 5 seconds.
4.Just hit the tattoo until it turns black, yellow, or reddish (it’s fine if you have one of the symptoms, don’t hit it hard, otherwise it will blisters. Scabs will form in a few days, and the effect will be seen after the scab drop ).
5.After 2 hours, apply the repair solution and wait for 1-3 days. After the scab is formed, apply the repair solution once a day.
Tips:After each operation,you just can operate in the same place after recover(About 15-30days)
1.For first use, it is recommended to start from the first gear. If it can’t be beaten, adjust the high gear.
2.It can only be removed in a small area (each time the diameter should not exceed 5cm). For larger tattoos, you needs to be operated multiple times, otherwise it will cause inflammation and suppuration. If there are blisters, the gear is too high and you need to wait for the blisters to disappear before performing the second operation
Methods for removing spots and moles:
1.When removing spots and moles, use 2-3 gears for POWER and 3-4 gears for MODE, and then adjust according to personal tolerance.
2.To remove spots and moles on the face, practice on the body first, and then operate the face after the recovery is good and satisfactory.
Tips: Other operations are the same as removing tattoos.
Before use
1.People with heart disease, pregnant women, high blood pressure, malignant tumors, skin diseases, implanted pacemakers, etc. do not use it.
2.Don’t use it for people with scars or hyperplasia.
3.Do not use the instrument while charging, and stop using it when it is abnormally hot.
4.Keep the instrument away from children’s reach, and children are strictly forbidden to play.
5.During the blue light operation, you must wear protective glasses.
Precautions after use
1.Don’t eat ginger, otherwise it will cause “ginger bumps” and leave fold-like scars that are very difficult to eliminate.
2.Do not eat hot peppers and other irritating foods.
3.Pay attention to sun protection, avoid sun exposure, eat less pigmented foods, it is not recommended to eat or eat less beef and lean meat.
Do not touch the water before the scab is formed. If you touch the water, you need to wipe it dry immediately. Do not artificially cause the scab to fall off. It is best to clean the scab slightly after removing the scab, otherwise it is easy to infect and purulent