5W Infrared LED Flashlight Adjustable Focuse Zoomable IR 850NM Light LED Torch Pen Light for Night Vision Devices Laser Pointer


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How to select between Normal IR and Laser IR?

If light distance further than 100 meters, we suggest you to select Laser IR;


If light distance less than 100 meters, we suggest you to select Normal IR;


Normal IR and laser IR are same color light, just different light distance in the dark.

IR LED Flashlight Pen Light Parameters:

Power source: One piece 18650 li-ion battery ( our price does NOT included )

LED flashlight dimension: 131mm / 135mm length, 26mm diameter barrel

Focus: adjustable by stretching head barrel

Net weight: 86 grams

Lights: 850IR / 940IR / 850IR with laser / 940IR with laser four options



Pack content:

One piece led flashlight ( NO battery )