1W 520nm Green Grass Laser Pointer


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1W 520nm Green Grass Laser Pointer

Products through professional surface treatment, and through 72 hours of salt spray test, the surface without oxidation, without discoloration and so on, completely solve the copper easily oxidized defects
Size: 24 * 24, length 137mm
Material: H62 Cu
Surface: chemical oxidation treatment
Output wavelength: 510-530 nm
Center wavelength: 520nm
Output power: 1W
Safety class: Class IV
Circuit control: 5V boost band reverse polarity protection
Circuit efficiency: Boost conversion efficiency of 93% or more
Spot form: dotted
Beam style: continuous linear
Spot size: 10M <φ13mm
Focus mode: Focusable
Operating current: 3.7V @ 2.3A
Operating voltage: DC = 3.7V
Starting voltage: DC = 2.5V
Warm-up time: none
Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Storage temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃


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