Self Defense Laser

The Self Defense Laser is the device to use the high power laser beam to blind the targets.

strobe light

The strobe light can be used for self defense , and it can also used for anti camera lights. Check this video for the laser strobe light . The regular LED flashlight can be made to a strobe light flashlight. But the laser strobe is much brigter than LED strobe flashlight, it can be use […]

The Lasers Pointers used in Riots

We didn’t sell products to these people, BeamQ lasers have high quality IR filters with higher prices . All of the customers use them for legal use.   Laser pointer use during protests This page discusses the use (and misuse) of lasers during protests, demonstrations, riots and other civil disturbances. Shown below are protesters in […]

Laser Dazzler BeamQ

Check All Kinds of BeamQ Laser Dazzler Here.   New Laser Dazzlers under development. A new Lazer Dazzler – for the uncontrolled riots in South Africa 7th 2021.The Looters stole over R16 billion in Stock from Retailers – while the Police and Army stood-by and did nothing. Our customer like to consider The Lazer Dazzle […]

Laser Used in New Instrument

Laser bird deterrent   It generates a collimated laser beam (from 10cm to 100 cm) with a green laser dazzler module that has to be powerful enough in order to reach about 100 meters – 500 meters distance .     A new Lazer Dazzler – for the uncontrolled riots in South Africa 7th 2021. […]

Anti Drone Laser

SAFETY SYSTEMS FOR STOPPING AN UNCONTROLLED DRONE CRASH Anti Drone Laser If the drone was being flown manually by an operator watching through a first-person video, the bright lights from laser dazzler might have blinded the camera, causing the operator to lose control. Alternatively, β€œthe lasers beam have the ability to interfere with [infrared] landing […]

Drone Stopping Navy

The United States Navy has tested the very short range (1 mile), 30-kilowatt Laser Weapon System or LaWS to be used against targets like small UAVs, rocket-propelled grenades or visible motorboat or helicopter engines.It has been defined as “six welding lasers strapped together.” A 60 kW system, HELIOS, is being of 2020 The Navy […]