USB Wireless Presenter Red Laser Star Pointer PPT Remote Control Pointer pen for PowerPoint Presentation teacher R400 Pen


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1. Built-in slideshow buttons.
2. Contoured one-touch keys for easy slideshow control.
3. Lightweight, portable, comfortable handheld feeling.
3. Plud and play, no software required, makes it simple to get started.
4. Red Laser Star pointer with LED indicator, is easy to see against most backgrounds and projection surfaces.
5. Storable receiver ,easy to use, simply insert the receiver to USB port and it can be used immediately
6. Battery-power indicator, make you understand the power’s situation.
7. Onoff switch, can extend the battery lifetime.

1.Color: Black
2. Effective Range: Approx. 50-foot(15-meter)
3. Battery: 2AAA batterier(Not include)
4. 2.4 GHz wireless technology.
5. USB port

Package include
1 x Wireless Presenter Remote Control R400 Without Battery
1 x Wireless Mini Receiver