T6 Laserland 780nm 808nm 810nm 830nm OD4 IR Infrared Laser Protection Glasses Safety CE


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Product Description

Laserland T6 780nm-808nm-840nm OD4+ IR Infrared Laser Glasses Protection CE

Item specifics

TYPE series safety products is made of PC (polycarbonate) and laser absorber, selected from international suppliers,we design  the formula, compound the dye,and produce the filters by precise moulds.  

The goggle meets all the requests of the standard of EN207: 2009+AC: 2011.
The laser safety eyewear can extensively apply in laser industry manufacturing, range finding,aligning,medical treatment, etc. 

Protection range : 780-840nm
Typical Wavelength (nm): 808, 810 ,830
Optical Density: OD5+
VLT *: 60%
(VLT * = Visible Light  Transmission ) 

Materials:  PC + Light absorbers.     


For 780nm-840nm ,has OD5+ protection, covers 780-810 range,higher VLT.  

Applications:  For Semi-Conductor,near infrared diode lasers.


T6-4  The Temple just for T*-4

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