Q-switched Nd Yag Laser Handle Piece Accessories For Tattoo /Pigments Removal Machine/laser Tattoo Removal Guns Handpiece


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Q-switched Nd Yag Laser Handle Piece Accessories For Tattoo /Pigments Removal Machine/laser Tattoo Removal Guns Handpiece

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Q-switched Nd Yag Laser Handle piece accessories For Tattoo /Pigments Removal machine/laser tattoo removal guns handpiece

Yag laser- the use of laser to instantly emit high energy to effectively break down the pigment in the diseased tissue, so that the absorbed pigment particles absorb energy and swell and rupture, part of the crack becomes a tiny particle, and part of it is swallowed by human macrophages. It is excreted through the lymphatic system to eliminate pigmentation. Since the normal tissue does not absorb the laser of a fixed wavelength, the integrity of the cell frame is maintained, and there is no condition for scar formation.

Work Theory

Q Switch ND YAG Laser Work Theory: During treatment, pigmented particles which are irradiated absorb the high energy instantaneously emitted by laser and break to smaller form in skin tissue.Those smaller particles are secreted out of body if small enough or be carried away by macrophage through lymphatic systems so as to eliminate skin pathological changes in deep skin layer,especially for the treatment of Nevus of Ota and Coffee spot.


1 Removal of different color tattoo(red, blue, black, brown., coffee..etc)2 Removal of eyebrow line, eye line, lip line…3 Clearance speckle, freckle, coffee spots, sunburn spots, age spots…4 Removal of vascular lesion and spider vessel…5 Removal of birth mark, Ota nevus, black nevus, bottle nose…etc6 Skin rejuvenation with special lotions for skin rejuvenation



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