Noomya SpotlightX1Capacitive stylus Wireless Presenter zoom in Digital Laser Star Features ‘’ppt Laser Star Pointer Presentation Flip pen


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Reminder: the USB receiver comes with USB flash drive function, the program has been saved in it, please directly open the USB flash drive to run it to realize the digital Laser Star, spotlight, magnifying glass, black screen function

Feature of product

[Presentation tool] -Advanced digital Laser Star, spotlight and magnification technology can provide you with an unprecedented and excellent presentation experience. The demo clicker also incorporates mouse-like wireless cursor control (playing videos, opening links, etc.), marking lines, full screen / black screen, page up, page down functions


[Easy to operate]-No need to download the software, the gifted USB flash drive has the software included in the USB dongle USB flash drive, just click the icon and then open the presentation pointer to use (the same operation method on Mac, only (Another step of moving the icon to the “App” on Mac)


[Digital Laser Star-working on LED / LCD screen]-If you abuse the traditional Laser Star, it may be harmful to your eyes. Digital Laser Stars are both safe and have excellent performance on LED / LCD screens. Digital Laser Star spot size and color can be easily adjusted

[Widely applicable] -Powerpoint remote support system: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10, Mac OS; presenter remote support software: PowerPoint, Google slides, Prezi, iWork (themes and numbers and pages), PDF , MS Word, Excel, ACD See, website, etc.,


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