40W-120W Laser Module Laser Head 450nm Blue Laser TTL Module Laser Wood Marking Cutting


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40W-120W Laser Module Laser Head 450nm Blue Laser TTL Module Laser  Wood Marking Cutting





It adopts a unique solution that does not damage the original LD optical structure, retains the reliability and durability of the original LD, and has a service life up to 10 times longer than all other 20W output laser modules and CO2 modules. The production process of the E80 module is more complex, and currently only the NEJE team has completed batch manufacturing. It has a longer lifespan. Each module has an original SN registration number, and users can register SN registration information to enjoy after-sales protection of no less than 70% attenuation for up to 2 years. NEJE E80 has great advantages in terms of lifespan.

Hybrid compression technology makes the focal point of NEJE E80 0.06×0.06mm, the symmetrical XY shape make it achieve the ultimate in carving and cutting performance and the power density reaches 6666W/mm², Compared with 40W(output) module,power density:1777W/mm² (0.15×0.15mm,8xLD,Current highest power) , the performance of E80 is more higher than the 40W module. Due to the extremely strong power density and optical design (symmetrical XY shape), NEJE E80 has more excellent performance.

E80 is a quasi-industrial-grade fixed-focus module. Unlike CO2 lasers, the 450nm semiconductor laser is visible, and the intensity of weak light can be set. Observe the minimum focus by observing the fluorescence reflected on the surface of the gray cardboard through protective glasses Location.

NEJE E80 recommends using NEJE Max 4 equipment control, through variable Z-axis multi-layer sinking settings, cutting from the material surface layer by layer to achieve high efficiency purpose of cutting.

A red copper efficient heat dissipation system is designed to effectively dissipate heat generated by electronic components, ensuring their optimal performance and longevity. The use of red copper in the heat dissipation system helps maintain stable and continuous power output.

Aresulting in high-quality laser engraving and cutting performance. The matrix photosystem design allows for precise control of the laser beam, ensuring that it is evenly distributed and focused on the desired area. This improves the energy efficiency of the system, as less power is wasted on unnecessary areas.

Additionally, the focus size of the laser beam is optimized to be as small as possible, allowing for intricate and detailed engraving. This is particularly important when working with small or delicate materials, as it ensures that the laser does not damage or burn surrounding areas.

The XY symmetry of the matrix photosystem design ensures that the laser beam is evenly distributed across the entire working area. This eliminates any inconsistencies or variations in engraving or cutting depth, resulting in a uniform and professional finish.

Overall, NEJE’s unique matrix photosystem design sets it apart from other laser engraving systems by maximizing energy efficiency, focus size, and XY symmetry. This leads to exceptional engraving and cutting performance, making it a preferred choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.


The design difference between NEJE 80 industrial modules and other high-power modules is that power is not the only criterion for a module’s performance.

NEJE E80 takes the pursuit of high life and absolute performance as the design concept, and chooses the most difficult manufacturing scheme. We believe that the life and performance of the module is the real value of the user to buy the E80 module, which makes the E80 have no advantage in power. The reason for stronger performance than other 6xLD and 8xLD; we did not choose 8xLD or 6xLD to release new products relatively quickly for marketing gimmicks. Destroying the original LD structure and reflective structure scheme can quickly manufacture new products, which may quickly win users. But this is against the values of the NEJE team.

The safety consideration of the high-power model is also a special emphasis of the NEJE team. The high-power model is particularly easy to burn during operation. It eliminates the need to optimize the focus and angle during the design process. NEJE Max 4 electric Z-axis control can be better. Safe control of high-power modules.

High-quality accessories designed to be compatible with various types of air sources and materials of varying thicknesses. These accessories boast a spare lens with 99.99% transmittance and exceptional resistance to temperatures up to 1000 ℃. The replaceable lens design enhances the durability of the module.

E80 Module Kit


Optical Power: Pulse 24W, CW 21W
Focus Size:0.06×0.06mm

Input: 24V 5A

Interface: 4pin PH2.0 + ( 2pin DC 24V extra power)

Weight: 600g

Number of Diodes: 4

PWM Input: VPP(3.3-24V), Recomend 1KHz,

Quiet Design: Drive the built-in control ic, judge the working state and adjust the fan work

Adapter Pluga: 5.5 2.1 port

Working Voltage: DC 24V

TTL&PWM Modulation: YES. Compatible with Both TTL & PWM Modulation

Input Interface: PH2.0-4Pin (+,-, PWM/TTL, Temperature), 3Pin (+,-, PWM/TTL) , 2Pin+2Pin (+,-) + (PWM/TTL,-)


B30635is a module specially designed for wood grayscale images and micro-engraving.

N30820andN40630have strong comprehensive capabilities, the optical power is 5.5 – 7.5W output, and the focus is square light spot, good at carving with wood , rubber stamping, glass, transparent acrylic and cutting Plywood, black acrylic, cloth, etc…These two modules are single-beam modules with comprehensive functions and high cost performance. They are the best choice for beginners. The difference between them is that N30820 can be used as air assist through a needle tube, not picky about the air pump. N40630 can install metal The air nozzle but air pump must be oil-free and water-free, so as to ensure that the lens is not damaged.

N30610, A40630, A30130modules have very fine square light spots, and are better at high-resolution engraving and grayscale engraving of hard materials, They are all zoom modules. A40630 and A30130 also have strong cutting ability and are suitable for cutting Plywood, mdf board and black acrylic. N30610 can present 0.02mm detail, A40630 and A30130 are the same optical features, focal point 0.04×0.04mm, the difference in the different air-assisted extension forms and compatible air pumps.

A40640(Artist’s Choice) is a classic creative master 2 beam laser module, it is the world’s first 2 beam laser diode engraving and cutting module with zoom design, with the best metal engraving ability, fast groove engraving ability, perfect cutting compatibility. Better application on a wider range of materials, The strongest power density (0.04×0.06mm with 12+ optical power)of enables the A40640 to have the top engraving ability, There are very special and top artistic expressions on the carvings of stainless steel grayscale carvings, stone carvings, hardwood reliefs, canvas art, and other materials. The adjustable focal length design enables the A40640 module to have a uniform cutting thickness of 20mm and short-focus fast cutting capabilities. If you only consider 1 module to help you solve all the needs, it is the best choice.

F30130, E30130, E40, E80are the series of modules specially designed by NEJE for long-time cutting. These four modules are fixed focal length modules, which require clean air source support, F30130 is 10mm focal length, good at cutting plywood and metal engraving less than 4mm, E30130 is 20mm focal length, through internal NEJE optical processing, the spot shape is square, suitable for cutting materials with strong symmetry requirements such as model aircraft, E40 is 2 beam module, the spot shape is square, with 12W continuous power output capability, is a cutting module with high cost performance and wide application. E80 is 4 beam module, 20W+ output, it is not recommended for engraving, the focus point is larger, heavy weight and the need to add air assist are the disadvantages of 4xLD. If you have requirements for cutting speed of 3-4mm materials, E80 is the right choice for you, Normally, 500mm/min can cut plywood cleanly, It should be noted that E80 is a 24V input module, which can only support the new NEJE-3-Max machine. The new motherboard of NEJE 3 Max (v1.1.0 and above) supports 24V input. NEJE does not plan to configure a separate machine set for the E80 module. You can Purchase an E80 kit to upgrade your NEJE 3 Max.. In addition to E80 modules, F30130, E30130, E40 can also remove the air nozzle and directly use it for engraving without air assistance.

Digital PWM Wave Pulse Signal Generator Adjustable Frequency Duty Cycle for NEJE Laser Module tester board Specification

Power input: DC 12V

Output: PH2.0 4pin (12v,GND,PWM/TTL,Temperature)

mode: 3 modes (off, manual pwm, pwm / ttl in)

temperature display: YES

pwm display: yes

Manual PWM control: YES

Note(Please pay attention)

1. Please wear laser goggles during usage and avoid touching the laser directly with your eyes and skin!









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