Laser Mole Removal Low Cost Cosmetic on Face


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Laser Mole Removal Low Cost Cosmetic on Face Personal laser treatment for moles

The picosecond pen can effectively resolve melanin into fine particles, so as to promote skin metabolism and reduce melanin deposits, comprehensive reduce freckles and dark spots, refine skin from within way give off a healthy glow. Professional safe removal pen, without hurting the normal skin, no bleeding and little pain. high-tech and electric ion carbonation functions, turning the voltage instantaneous discharge into electric ion heat. Wide customer application range, powerful and rapid energy breaks up dark pigment directly. Fewer treatment times, better treatment effects. 

More safe to apply: Its pulse width is short, it hardly produces light and heat effect.

Long-term use will ensure more obvious effect, it’s more durable and safe


laser mole removal before and after


1. Efficient, The laser beam can effectively resolve melanin into fine particles, so as to promote skin   metabolism and reduce melanin deposits.
2. Faster, Faster laser beam and more focused laser energy to clean and remove long-standing melanin problems.
3. Effective, More powerful laser beam, cause no damages to skin tissues and clean more comprehensively.
4. Comprehensive,Reduce freckles and dark spots, refine skin from within way.
5. More Safe, no damages and hurts to skin tissues, safe to use.


1. Tattoo removal (Black and Blue Color)
2. Mole removal
3. Dark Spot/ Freckle/ Pigment removal
4. Eyebrow microblading Cleaning
5. Acne Mark removal

Package Including:
1x Laser picosecond pen, 1x Charge cable, 1x Safe goggles,  1x Manual


Difference between Red light picosecond & Blue light picosecond. Please note that blue light machine will only have blue light,if you need red light,you need to buy red light machine.

-The power and effect of blue light picosecond pen is more stronger. It  need more professionl operation. Please start from the lowest frequency,  then slowly adjust to the suitable level.
-The blue laser pen have 9 levels Frequency mode, different output  frequency and wavelength. The flash area is bigger.
-The red laser pen have 9 Frequency mode, its flash area is smaller. It  suitable for subtle opperation.
-Both of them for removing Tattoo, Mole, Speckle ect,  mainly apply for  melanin.
-The blue light’s wavelength is 450nm. And the red light’s wavelength is 850nm.


How to choose Blue Light and Red Light ?
–Both of it can remove mole,lentigo,black Acne scars,black and blue tattoo  ,Eyebrow tattoo,eyebrow microblading and any other melanin.
–Red light Picosecond pen for personal home use , you can operate it by  yourself . its power and effect is smaller than Blue light Picosecond pen
–Blue light Picosecond pen for beauty salon use or if someone can help you  operate it , you can not operate it yourself because you need to wear the  protective eyes glasses ,  its power and effect is bigger than Red light  Picosecond pen.
–if you have someone to help you , we recommend buying blue light Picosecond pen

How to Use:

1. Plug in the power, and the machine is energized,the digital tube  displays
2. Press the “Inten” and “Fre/Hz” button to select the intensity and  frequency.we suggest
start the operation from the lowest intensity and frequency, then upgrade  as needed.
Note: 9 level is lowest frequency for Blue laser pen. 9 level is lowest  frequency for Red lase pen.
3. Coated with anesthesia if you are afraid of pain, there will be a little  pain when using the laser pen,feels like intravenous injection.
4.Wear protective glasses
Note: Blue laser pen need to wear protective glasses because it keeps  flashing ,while Red lase pen do not need
5.Put the hole of the pen towards to the spot where you want to operate  with , for Blue laser pen,Continuously press the Switch button , then laser  light appears,stop pressing the Switch button after 1-2 seconds, then  Repeatedly.
Note:for Blue laser pen ,we suggest Do NOT stay in the same location for  more than 2 seconds.
for Red laser pen,we suggest Do NOT stay in the same location for more than  1 seconds.
6.Red light and blue light have an effect on melanin,after operation , you  will see the mole turn more black,then you can stop , after a few days, it  will fade and even disappear.for some mole , it will Cocoon, do not destroy  it ,leave it shedding Naturally.
7.Cover with repair essence at once after operated,repeat to use  repair  essence in the following days,Do not expose to the sun,otherwise the skin  will be sunburned and turn red.
8.Repeat to do this every few days if needed

Before operation, it is recommended to practice repeatedly on black paper (paper with other color has no effect) ,then operate to the face after  skilled  skill

Note:(Please Read Carefully!!)
1.Before use the picosecond pen, the skin should be coated with Anesthetic.
2.After usage, it should be coated with repair products to help repair skin  , preventing bacterial infection.
3.Please start from the lowest level, then slowly adjust to the suitable  level.
4.Blue laser pen: 9 level is lowest frequency. Red lase pen: 9 level is  lowest frequency.
5.Do not stay in the same location for no more than 2 seconds when  operating.
6.Both Red light and blue light only have an effect on melanin.
7.Before operation, it is recommended to practice repeatedly on black paper  to determine the skill and then operate to the face.
8.Let the scab shedding off automatically if there is a scab.
9.Do not use irritating or excitability skin care products
10.Avoid exposure to the sun
11.Do no eat sun Sensitive food like soy sauce ,chili sauce,seafood ,  Lemon, carrot, papaya, celery, lettuce, potatoes, parsley, leeks, rape,  oranges, seaweed, snails, spinach, figs, leeks, red beans.
12.Do not makeup
13.Avoid cover with water in 7 days after operated , you had better do not  wash your face or the place which just operated, beacause waters contain  bacteria, viruses, and some heavy metal ions.The skin is very fragile and  sensitive,it may cause infection
14.slightly wash your face with a damp cotton swab.avoid the operated place  ,avoid infection caused by improper care, and dry the water in time
15.Prohibit the operation of the picosecond in the position of the  prosthesis on the face.
16.Red light is very small light, please test it in a dark place and it will show a little on black paper.
17.Laser eyebrow tattoo will hurt the skin, this is a normal phenomenon
Freckle and acne marks will not hurt the skin, and it can be reddish at a local location.
18.It can only be removed after about 3 times, once a month.
If you want to go clean once, please be careful to buy
The same machine, including large machines, cannot be cleaned at one time.
19. The stronger the intensity,it will work more quick, depending on personal adjustment
20. Note: the light of RED and BLUE are not the same, the light of red can hardly seen by eyes , it is very little . like the photo, so if you receive the red light pen and hardly seen by eyes , do not worry ,it is not a broken one,  please try on a black paper in dark.



The theory of Picosecond pen is use of a laser to directly break up the melanin particles of the pigmented nevus .Usually speaking , After a laser  spotting,It will take a few days to repair , and if it is washed immediately after the laser spotting, it will easily lead to inflammation.
In addition, the wound scarring will be stimulated by water and it will  quickly fall off when the wound is not repaired. The recovery period after  the extension was extended. Therefore, within 7 days after the laser  spotting, it is suggest not to wash the face according to the usual  procedure, and it is better to clean it with a swab moistened with water.


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