Forensic Light Source365nm uniform lamp CSI torchlight USB rechargeable blacklight 365 nm LED light uv flashlight torch


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Tank007 USB rechargeable Forensic Light Source365nm uniform lamp CSI torchlight even blacklight 365 nm LED light uv flashlight torch
CI05 Uniform light UV LED Flashlight For CSI / Forensic Light Source/ Security inspection
·Korea imported 365nm LED
·Professional optical lens systems
·Specillized UV filter black lens
·Different wavelength for options:white, red, green, blue, violet

CI05 UV Intensity & Spot Diameter
6200 μW/cm²950 μW/cm²
CI05 UV intensity(15cm Distance) CI05 UV intensity(38cm Distance)

Keep the stable output within 1A for protecting LED lifespan.

Uniform Light
·Pure uniform 365nm UV
·Uniformty 80%
·More stable performance
and slower aging Provides optimal
fluorescent dye response and contrast
·Different wavelength for options:
white, red, green, blue, violet

Uniform Light
Normal UV Light

Specialized Black Filter Lens
99% stray light filtered by specialized UV filter black lens
Can be purer 365nm UV for good detection

IP68 RatedAll weather applicable
·1.5 meters impact resistant
·2 meters submersible with 30 minutes
USB Type-C Rechargeable
Battery (2600mAh) included
Recommended to be powered by 1 x 18650 battery (discharge current over 6A)

Forensic/Security Inspection
The individual colors (wavelengths) aid in Forensic Light Sourceinspections of potential evidence found at crime scenes, such as biological
stains, latent fingerprints, bruises, bite marks, hair, fibers, grease, oil and other natural stains. Enhances the detection,
inspection and photography of: · Bodily fluids · Biological stains and latent fingerprints · Pattern wounds, hair and fibers
Conservation, Preservation and Restoration
Detect cracks and repairs in antiques,porcelain,artworks, paintings, etc.
Anti-counterfeit detection and determine the age of marble, jade, stones,ivory and clock faces.

Unifrom Light on artworks
Unifrom Light on antiques
Product Paramenters
LED Lifespan:
above 50,000 hours(Korea uniform 365nm)
Power Source
1*18650 Li-on Battery
Input Voltage
Burn Time
high light- 2 hours
Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum T6061
Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Exterior Color
black housing
High temperature vacuum coated aluminum mirror reflector
Special UV dark lens
Tail Button Switch
Waterproof to IP68 standard
Size / Weight
15.9 (length)* 2.5 (body diameter)*3.3(head diameter) / 140g (excluding batteries)

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