9 Levels Laser Picosecond Pen USB Freckle Tattoo Removal Picosecond Laser Pen Dark Spot Remover Acne Skin Pigment Clean Machine


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9 Levels Laser Picosecond Pen LCD Laser Plasma Pen Tattoo Mole Removal Face Skin Tag Removing Pen Freckle Wart Dark Spot Remover
Item Type:Spot Removal Pen
Voltage:5V 1.5A
Wavelength: Blue Light  450
                       RED Light  850
Product Include
1* Picosecond Laser Pen
1*Laser Protective Glasses
1*USB Cable
1. Short pulse width, hardly produce light and heat effect, without harm to skin tissue.
2. Powerful and rapid energy breaks up dark pigment directly, so as to improve skin condition.
3. One key operation, simple and easy.
4. Fewer treatment times, better treatment effects, more safety,no scars leaving.
5. Lightweight and compact, delicate package, more convenient to carry.
6. Wide customer application range, obvious long-term result, more durable and safe.  
7. Applicable to removing mole or acne, shrinking pores, diluting freckle or melanin, washing tattoo or eyebrow tattoo etc.
8. Compare:
Red light for black color tattoo. Blue light for black color tattoo.
The power of blue light is stronger than red light.
Blue light needs someone to help, red light can be operated by yourself
9. USB cable Charging
5 hours fully charged. Standby time is 30 days.
Fully charged with red light can be use for 160 minutes.
Fully charged with blue light can be use for 120 minutes.
10. How to use
Press the power switch for 3 second
Choose the frequency and energy
Press the energy emission button is working,release will stop working
Adjust the intensity to 0, then press the power switch for 3 second to shut down
1. Avoid consuming ginger which can cause wrinkled scar that is hard to be treated.
2. Do not eat spicy food.
3. Sun protection must be observed.
4. Avoid contact with water before scabbing. After scabbing,wash lightly. This part of the treatment process can be difficult and long but must be observed.
5. Please do not use the instrument when charging.Stop using when it is unusually hot.
6. The instrument must be kept away from children.
Do not apply on pregnant woman, person with hypertension,with malignant tumor, skin disease and even with implanted heart strobe or heart problems.  


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