300mw Green Red Blue Pointer camping entertainment special flashlight


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300mw Green Red Blue Pointer camping entertainment special flashlight

it has green and red ,blue 

Packing list:

1. pointer

2. Charger X1

3. 18650 battery (red/green)2*16340 battery (blue)(not contain batteries)

4, 5* star


1.Battery Pack: pen battery anode at the rear of the pointer.
2.When using beam is absolutely not allowed for human and animal eyes shine! This product beam temperature is higher, do not come into firect with the skin, so as not to burn.
3. The light time is not recommended for more than 5 minutes, if reaching 5 minutes it must be paused for 2 minutes.
4. When not in use please take out the battery, in children is not easy to get places!
5. If it is found that beam brightness severe lower note to recharge the battery or replace the battery.
6.Do not whack or drop it; do not let dust fall in the light hole; Non-demolition.
7.Please stay away from flammable items, such as alcohol, gasoline, paper etc. Minors are prohibited from use.
8.Please use caution this product, such as the improper use of personal safety and property loss, at your own risk.
  Method Of Use:
1. The flashlight back cover unscrewed.
2. Install the battery, the battery type depends on the specific color to choose the 16340 or 18650 battery
3. The light flashlight is turned on, turn the focuss head, the light outlet formed on the beam near the focuss, the bigger the light spot on the nearer the light outlet, now find the focuss can burn things (note: focuss on the beam of mobile range is limited, the novice might find no focuss that sometimes can’t ignition, need more familiar with it).
5. When not in use for a long time, please take out the battery.


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