365nm UV Flashlight with LG 4 Core LED Chip Leak Detection Forensics Light Source UV Curing Urine Detection


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C8.2 365nm High Output UV Flashlight,with LG 365nm 4 Core UV LED Chip,Leak Detection, Forensics Light Source, UV Curing,Urine Detection:

Brand: Manta Ray
Model: C8.2
Emitter Chip: LG 365NM 4CORE UV LED
Power: 12W
Battery Configurations: 1×18650 or 1×26650 battery(not included)
Voltage Input: 2.8v~4.2v
Switch Type: Clickie Tail Switch
LED Lifespan: 100,000 hours
Case Material: Aluminum Alloy
Reflector: SMO Smooth Aluminum Reflector
Casing Color: Black
Tail stand: Yes
Dimension: 15.4(Length) * 4.5(Head Diameter) * 3.7(Tail Diameter) cm
Weight: 239g (not include battery)
365 nm UV Flashlight

365 nm is the standard UV light source when people refer to black light.When in doubt use one of our 365 nm black light energy for fluorescent items. Some dyes and pigments are able to absorb higher wavelength but generally speaking 365 nm is considered the generic “black light” designation. Our staff here at Manta Ray. have created the perfect collection of quality, true 365 nm, black lights for everyone to utilize.

These are perfect for many application such as uv curing, looking at bathrooms and bedrooms for stains, carpet for pet stains the uses are endless. Our black lights and UV LEDs are made of strong aluminum alloy. We use pure professional LEDs for our UV lights in the 365nm and the other higher ranges. We are the place where you can buy the best and the highest quality UV LEDs and black lights. Our special long wave 365 nm black lights are used for inspections, finding cracks and leaks, UV Curing of adhesives and resin, just about anything. 

Use 365nm in leak detection, Forensics Light Source, law enforcement, coating inspection, fugitive glue, UV Curing, special effects, urine detection,displays, exhibits and more.