1242 808nm 200mw Infrared Dot Laser Module Fixed Focus DC 3V


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808nm 200mw Infrared Dot Laser Module Fixed Focus DC 3V




Size: φ12 × 42mm (we also have other size, if you need please leave us a message to consult)
Surface Treatment / Color: Natural
Life: continuous output and life> 5,000 hours
Output wavelength: 808nm / ± 10nm
Output power: <200mw
Range:> 2000 m
Spot shape / Diameter: Elliptical spot
Circuit control: ACC constant current circuit
Operating Voltage: DC = 3V ~5V
Working Current:  <280mA
Conductor: 150MM red and black electronic circuit
Working temperature: -10°C ~ +40 °C

Storage temperature: -20 °C ~ +60 °C


Application module:
1 can be used for sight with positioning.
2 can be used for laser testing tools.
3 can be used to locate concentricity.
4 can be used to locate medical equipment, beauty.
5 can be used to produce a signal device.
Note: This is a Infrared laser module, the dot can not be seen by bared eye, you need a camera or a special glasses to see it.
Need  add a heatsink for longtime use.
The dot is not a perfect circle, it is a oblong spot.
This 808nm laser module has Red Bomb phenomenon.