10pcs HL63603TG 3.8mm 635nm 638nm CW 120mW Orange Red Laser Diode LD DIY Lab


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10pcs HL63603TG 3.8mm Opnext Oclaro 635nm 638nm CW 120mW Orange Red Laser Diode LD DIY Lab



Wavelength: 638 nm

Single transverse mode

Maximum output power: 120 mW

Applications: Laser Module, Pico projector, etc.

High efficiency , stable performance, long life

Optical Data

Tolerance of wavelength: ± 5 nm

Spectral Width (FWHM): <3nm Wavelength stability coefficient: ~0.3 nm/Degrees Electrical Data Operating current: 165-200mA Threshold current: 50-65mA Conversion efficiency: 20% Slope efficiency: 1.1 mW/mA Operating voltage: 2.7-3.0V Others Can Type: TO-38 Operating temperature: -10~+60 Degrees Storage Temperature: -40~+85 Degrees Lifetime: >10000h



This component sensitive to static electricity, anti-static measures do not do not directly touch the laser tube body; the laser tube driver circuit must be qualified to work, different power voltage the same, but different operating current, circuit the need to control the drive current of the tube within the safe range, otherwise it will affect life expectancy.